Sunday, October 27, 2013

transferring again for the last time

i am so shocked and sad!! i really wanted to end my mission here! but i guess the Lord needs me somewhere else!

we have such a good area and golden investigators i am going to miss this area so much! 

there is so much happening in our mission right now and my whole zone is in the computer shop getting all the news. so funny. so i feel a little stressed out right now. but all is well because i am going home ha ha! 

we had a really good week and i am excited to see whats going to happen tomorrow at transfer meeting. i hope everyone is well and excited to see me. 5 weeks. can't believe it. the other day in comp study i was sharing something i learned in personal study and then i got all quiet and the tears came. i just can't believe i will be not a missionary and my name tag will be off in just weeks. i love missionary work and want to be a missionary forever. 

i love you family, have a wonderful week! i will email again on monday. mom please update my blog. people keep emailing me telling me its not updated! thanks.

sister curtis