Sunday, October 27, 2013

April 15, 2013

hi family,

i am now in the city! i knew i was going to the city after being only in province. i feel culture shocked everyday from all the cars and fast food chains. ha ha its called tagiug city, in pateros. anyway, its great and i think i will end my mission here. we have two areas and i am training again. but we are in a three some. so one of my companions from naga mission in the philippines, just finished her training (sister aoina's trainee) and my other comp still has 6 more weeks so i will finish her training. she is from san jose california. so we constantly talk about the day when me and my sisters and mom are going to go to san fransico and visit her! (she is 19 and i need to remind myself that sometimes ;) ) president told me to get these sisters ready to train! so they will be doing everything the next couple of weeks. i told them i will rest because i am an old lady in the mission ;)

general conference was so good. i know i am like a year late but i loved it. ALL my questions were answered. i really felt like the big topics were about missionary work, and becoming more strong in our families. it made me excited to go home and apply everything i have learned. speaking of that, here in pateros its close to the airport so the airplanes are crazyyyyyyy. its so annoying. my companions look at them and say, "bye sister curtis" and wave. what the! its still far away. there is a lot i still have to do before i get on one of those. 

i feel like i am seeing so many miracles. these next two transfers i decided i want to be exactly obedient. and we are! and that's why we are seeing so many miracles. we come home each day and i think, we were exactly obedient today. i love that feeling. its not like i wasn't before but when you have that mindset of exact obedience and not just obedience and then you do it you see a difference. i feel really busy here in this area. which is good. i just want to focus and work hard. 

i miss you family. i think i may just call you on the phone for mother's day. whats the point of skype? i will see you soon after! don't kill me mom. it will make you all want to see me more! ha ha

take care!
S. Curtis